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Dream Makers explores the transformative power
of surrounding yourself with the best, most
accomplished people possible—inspiring you to
overcome life’s obstacles and achieve your dreams.

My Story

Jim Morris is no stranger to big dreams. Since he was five years old, he passionately yearned to play baseball in the major leagues. However, despite all his hard work and determination, a series of unfortunate events and injuries scuttled his career before he was twenty-five. Doctors told him he would never play again.

Then at age thirty-five—after a string of highly implausible events and at an age when most players are retiring— Morris found himself on the mound as a relief pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. His return to the game was so incredible that Disney made his story into a heartwarming film—The Rookie—with a stellar performance by Dennis Quaid. It was released to popular acclaim and was a huge box office success. It won the ESPY for Best Sports Movie in 2002 and the CAMIE award for Character and Morality in Entertainment.


Dream Makers is written in a clear, concise, and inspirational style that aims to inspire the mind of its reader, speak new words of encouragement and offer battle-tested principles to push on, no matter the difficulty.


In the book, Morris shares his obstacles, failures, successes, and how he has been able to surmount the impossible with courage. He also reveals the guiding principles that enabled him to rise from high school baseball coach to major league pitcher and beyond; a source of motivation to many.


If the Disney movie, ‘The Rookie’ has been a source of inspiration, the book, Dream Makers offers to be even more inspiring, enriching, and eye-opening to every reader. It’s a book about being among the best to be the best. It was written to inspire the pursuit of forgotten dreams through the belief that nothing is impossible.



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